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Basic Company Registration Report
Basic Company Registration Report

Advanced Company Verification Report (ACVR)

100+ USD

In addition to the above-mentioned information for BCRR, we will collect:

1. Legal risks:

2. The owners

3. Trade Remarks

4. Current business status

Then we make a professional phone call telling the supplier who we are and there are customers interested in their products. We tell them we have been hired to do a verification and that we will be doing onsite inspections when the product is ready. Whether you hire us to do an onsite inspection or not is irrelative, the value here is the supplier understands someone may be checking and this makes them take more care and adds more accountability.

We ask to talk with the general manager or manager and ask:

• How long they have been in business.

• How many employees they have.

• Main product line.

• Factory location.

• Customer references. • A copy of the business license. • Pictures of the product and or facility.

We summarize the above information in a report and submit to you within 48 hours. (Excluding weekends)

Note: Time to submit your report depends on the time it takes for company to reply to our phone call audit.

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Advanced Company Verification Report<
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